Thursday, June 13, 2013

InfuseLearning--Thanks for sharing, Larissa!

Yesterday in our Power Tools for Educators class, we watched a Webliography presentation on a Web 2.0 tool called InfuseLearning.  My classmates and I were wowed with this website and its potential benefits in the classroom.  I found this tool to be so cool that I wanted to share it to those reading my blog outside of my classmates.  Basically, InfuseLearning is a website where teachers can prepare quizes and assessments for students to take individually when they log into the virtual classroom created by the teacher on computers or iPads/iPods.  Extremely easy to use, create, prepare and review, teachers can take advantage of BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and allow students to share open ended answers, drawings, multiple choice answers, true/false statements and quiz responses.  Another really neat component of this website is teachers can send students a link to investigate through the virtual classroom; no longer will teachers need to write down or type long urls for students.

I definitely recommend watching the YouTube video below because it gives a quick tutorial about how advantageous using the website in the classrooms is.

What would be your ideas for implementation of this Web 2.0 tool in your classroom?

Let me know what you think about this resource!!

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  1. One thing I especially like about InfuseLearning is that you can create quick quizzes or response items for students without having everyone going through the process of signing up to the website. I was considering creating a quick poll for our class earlier, but found that other options (such as Edmoto) needed a considerable set up to get participants on the same page. Not that Edmoto isn't also a great tool, but InfuseLearning lets one set up such quizzes so easily.

    I'm also enthused about the ability to change the question into a student's first language, which could be very useful with English Language Learners.
    I'm considering using it for quick quizzes and polls. The site redirect option is another great option.

  2. This is a really good tool for informal assessment. I do still wonder about having to be in the media center or some place where all students could access computers during class.

    Could students take advantage of features of this at home? With Edmodo, the sign up process takes awhile, but one they are in they can take advantage of their parents internet access to complete assignments outside of class

  3. MC,
    Larissa had us use this when she taught her SMART lesson. I was pretty stoked about it as well. I think it will offer ways for students to engage more with assessment and give teachers more of an opportunity for formative assessment.