Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Class Webliography (so far)

This week in our Power Tools class we have been focusing on online resources and tools that teachers can use in the classroom.  We've been reviewing these resources and then putting them on a wiki so that our webliography can be reached by all of our classmates.  So far the few that we've discussed in class are gliffy, glogster, storyboard, toontastic, and educreations.  All of these have proved to be engaging tools that both teachers and students can use to transform learning in the classroom.  I personally did a presentation on gliffy and presented an infographic as a review on this website that I have mentioned earlier in my blog:

The webliography that we have created is something that I think all teachers should make.  It is awesome having one place on the web where we can go to find an informative review of a resource that we could use in the classroom.  I think this webliography is a great way for teachers to collaborate and reflect on using online tools in the classroom.  I hope we keep adding resources to this site even after this class ends in a few weeks.  I will definitely still be using it when I am teaching.

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  1. Nice job on the pictochart for Glify.